1-grid Mobile App – Now Available for Download

by | 24 Jun 2020

1-grid is taking professional service to new heights, we’ve enhanced our customers’ experience and made life a little easier because we understand that running a small business requires a lot of attention. Keep your interactions seamless and convenient with 1-grid’s mobile app – it is available for download on all Android and IOS devices.

Click the button below to download: 


1-grid mobile app  

Services – Get online in app

Your entire business can literally be accessed from your pocket. Access, edit and publish your website in the 1-grid mobile app. Websites that require frequent updates will benefit from this feature most, updates can be made instantly. This feature allows you to keep a close eye on how your website looks on mobile devices. Did you know? Many people are viewing your website on mobile, it’s important to adopt a mobile-first approach for your business website.

Account – Stay updated

Change happens. New information arises. We know your 1-grid account information needs to stay updated and have included an in-app feature that allows you to change your account settings in a flash. It is necessary to keep your personal information and address updated to ensure you are always receiving important updates and never missing out on offers available to you.

Billing – Never miss a payment

You have received 3 domain renewal invoices however missed payment because you forgot to check your emails. The result of this? You lost your domain registered with 1-grid. Never miss a payment with 1-grid’s mobile app. Receive instant payment reminders on your device and quickly scroll in-app to pay your account.

Support – Access the 1-grid team instantly

Have a question you need to raise with the support team at 1-grid? Get assistance anytime from any place. The 1-grid support team is now a few swipes away on your mobile phone. Access our website’s live chat or log a new support ticket, this feature allows you to keep track of all your tickets previously logged too.

Feedback – Share your thoughts

We always welcome feedback. Real-time and information specific comments allow the 1-grid team to observe areas more closely and make improvements if needed. If you have changes to recommend, tell us how your experience was with our team, we want to know when we’re hitting the mark for you.

In short, this is why you should download the 1-grid app today:

  1. Quick credit card payments
  2. Instant service activation
  3. Service status updates
  4. Receive payment notifications
  5. Update account information
  6. Build, edit and publish your DIY Website
  7. View, open and reply to support tickets
  8. Feedback whenever a thought arises