1-grid Podcast Episode 2: Mobile App Development

by | 16 Sep 2020

On the second episode of our podcast, our host with the most, Saskia Schuldig, has an insightful conversation with Louritz Terblanche, the Technical Director at 1-grid. They talk about mobile app developing and what it takes to lead a team of developers, among other things.

Louritz speaks at large about his role as a technical director; the strategic planning involved, leading a team of developers and the skills required to fulfil the role.

They also speak about our mobile app, how that came about and why it was necessary to have one as a business. The 1-grid mobile app started as a side project by one of the developers. Training and support was a necessity to upskill the respective developer, and they delivered a fully functioning app in three months. The mobile app is an ongoing project with regular updates and bug fixes – it’s never really a finished product.

If you’re a small business owner and are contemplating having a mobile app, Louritz has some good advice for you:

  • If you need a unique user experience for your application, it’s better to build it from scratch
  • You’ll need a skilled mobile app developer who’s well-versed in iOS as well as Android
  • Draw up wireframe (brief) with specs for the developer
  • Consider scalability

We also discuss the challenges of building a mobile app. And what the 1-grid app has instore in the future. Listen to the podcast to hear in-depth about the app.