How to start your own web hosting reseller business

by | 18 Apr 2024

The digital age rarely allows for a set career path and most careers in tech haven’t been around long enough to have a set trajectory. Careers today are dynamic and this affords you more room for growth, upskilling and multiple streams of income.

It feels like everyone has some or other side hustle that brings in additional income. We’re at the age where people can capitalize on their hobbies and bring in extra cash. With the South African economy narrowly avoiding a technical recession, having an additional stream of income is not a bad idea at all and web hosting reselling is a perfect way to earn extra coins without even leaving your home.

What is reseller hosting? 

Web reselling is when a reseller is allotted a certain amount of bandwidth and hard drive space to offer web hosting services to their customers. They use our resources to start their own 3rd party web hosting services for their clientele at a profit.

Web hosting is the infrastructure that houses your website data and makes it possible for websites to be accessible on the internet. If your domain name is the address of your website, then think of web hosting as the actual house that houses website files and data. We offer shared hosting for our customers and reseller hosting for web reseller entrepreneurs.

How do I start my reseller hosting business? 

First things first, decide how much money you’re willing to invest in your web reseller business. Our reseller packages start at R239 per month depending on the disk space that you need. It’s advisable to start small and gradually upgrade as your clientele grows.

Structure your services accordingly

Work out a structure for the services that you will offer. It’s always good to give your customers added value to give them a reason to choose your services.

  • Structure your products accordingly
  • Decide on a price plan (make sure you’re making a profit)
  • Give your customers added value (ie. Free domain registration)

Give your business a name and identity

You’re a small business now and you need to move accordingly. Start by giving your reseller business a name. Register your domain and register your company with the CIPC.

Give your business a professional website that customers can visit and peruse your services. Make sure it aligns with your brand and has a user-friendly interface.

The ball is in your court in terms of how many customers you take on and how much time you invest in your business. Being an entrepreneur is hard work and can be very rewarding if you keep at it and stay consistent.